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Your "old" website is not found by your customers? Or do you not have a website at all yet? Do you want a website that looks nice and actively brings customers?

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What makes professional websites and what do they bring to your company?

Professional websites from a professional web design agency are primarily characterised by the fact that they directly help the company in marketing. In concrete terms, this means that a website as a marketing tool should always bring more (enquiries, bookings, purchases) than it costs to maintain and create.

As a rule, 3 building blocks are important for this:

  • The right content (texts, images and videos) to convince the prospects.
  • An appealing design that creates confidence in the prospective customer and makes you look professional.
  • High user-friendliness to ensure that the prospective customer can also enquire, buy or book very simply.

If these 3 building blocks are implemented correctly, a company has a successful website that continuously generates new customers.

What is behind successful websites?

 In the video we show you:

  • How we lay the foundation for success with a concept.
  • How we implement this concept in content and design.
  • How a website can bring you new customers on an ongoing basis.

The 3 key factors for a successful website

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1. content - the decisive factor in sales

The most important prerequisite for a successful website is content. Only through well-chosen words, images and videos can you convince your website visitors.

When a customer comes to your website, he is usually looking for answers or for the solution to a problem. For example, he wants to know: Where is your business located? How can he reach you? Do you have the necessary knowledge, experience or the right offer to solve his problem?

We write your texts and choose your images/videos in such a way that your potential customer will find the answers to these questions immediately.


2. design - building trust and setting the scene for the message

The design determines how the content on your website is presented. A good design is characterised by a clear structure, the appropriate colour scheme and visual language. Through the design we can:

  • Build trust: Professional design makes you look serious and immediately builds trust.
  • Creating the right mood: Coordinated colours create a harmonious overall picture and subconsciously set the right mood.
  • Conveying the message: The right design immediately draws the eye to your core message. This helps users find what they are looking for even faster.

3. user-friendliness - ensuring a pleasant experience of success

By being highly user-friendly, you ensure a positive experience for your website visitors. Nothing is more frustrating on the internet than when you want to buy/book/inquire about something and it just doesn't work. How many times will you try? How many times will you return? How many friends will you tell about this great website?

High usability is one of the most important key factors when it comes to "closing the proverbial bag" and turning the new prospect into a returning customer.

In 5 steps to a new website:
From the free initial consultation to the finished website


Step #1: Free initial consultation at our klickbeben web design agency

We will determine your needs during a free initial consultation:

  • What do you really need?
  • What does your website need to be able to do?
  • What has worked well on your current website? Where is there potential for improvement?

Of course, we are happy to give you the opportunity to get to know your klickbeben team. This way you can get a first impression of us without any obligation, while we are already looking for the best ways to bring you more clicks and more customers.


Step #2: Detailed offer for the creation of your new website

In a second step, you will receive a detailed offer from us. We explain the individual points to you in detail and make sure that they correspond to your wishes.


Step #3: We create your new website

From this moment on, we start the implementation of your new website. We adhere to the following phases: Concept phase, content phase, design phase, technical phase.


Step #4: Go-live - your website goes online

During the so-called go-live, we put your website online. Only now can it be found by your customers and search engines like Google. In the course of the go-live, we also take care of important tasks:

  • We carry out a thorough function test again
  • We check all search engine relevant properties
  • We install tracking tools and set up the firing of marketing cookies (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • We submit your site to Google Search Console and monitor if there are any problems in the first few weeks

Step #5: We confirm go-live and you receive training videos

At the end, you will receive a confirmation email from us and training videos for the most important building blocks on your website. This way, you can later make changes to your website on your own without any problems.

As a rule, it now takes about three months until you feel the first results in the form of customer enquiries. Depending on the industry and your target project, it makes sense to achieve better results more quickly through additional advertising measures.

The following measures can additionally increase your success:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the new website from your klickbeben web design agency

How do I know how much the new website will really bring?

Transparent performance measurement is an important concern for us. That's why we install modern tracking tools for every client. So you can see at a glance how many purchases/inquiries/bookings your new website has brought.

What does it cost to have a website created by klickbeben?

If you are only looking for an inexpensive "business card on the net", we are the wrong people to contact. We don 't see a website as a business card, but as a marketing tool with the aim of bringing more than it cost.

You have to reckon with a five-digit amount for this marketing tool.

Exactly how much your new website will cost depends on your needs. However, we can assure you that we list all costs exactly in our offer. There are no hidden additional costs with us.

Do I have to pay right at the beginning?

At klickbeben you can choose between three payment models:

  • Classic: 50% down payment, 25% after one and a half months and a further 25% after 3 months or project completion.
  • Payment by instalments: spread over six monthly instalments
  • Hire-purchase variant: down payment and 24 monthly instalments

How long does it take for my website to be ready?

This depends very much on your needs. A website with 100 sub-pages takes longer than a website with 20 sub-pages. The average project duration for us is 3 months from the start of the project.

Which CMS does klickbeben work with?

We work with the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress. It is the most widely used CMS in the world and offers a wide range of functions at fair prices.

It is important to mention: We don't just install any WordPress template that makes your site look the same as hundreds of others on the web. Instead, we create a unique design that is fully customised to your needs. We then implement this in exactly the same way.

Is everything done in-house or are services outsourced?

We do everything in-house. Our team consists only of online marketing professionals who have been trained directly by us in our areas of expertise. The expertise for the training was gathered by klickbeben founder, Manuel Diwosch, as a lecturer in digital marketing. He taught, gave guest lectures and wrote scripts in online marketing for the FH-Kufstein, the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), the TH-Rosenheim, the FH Wien and the University of Innsbruck.