Webinar Marketing:
More customers with online presentations

Do you offer a product or service that requires a lot of explanation? To sell, your prospects need to see more than just a few lines? Then webinar marketing can be your solution.

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Ideal for products that require explanation

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Secure tens of minutes of attention

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Fully scalable through automation

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High conversion rate from prospects to customers

What is automated webinar marketing and how does it benefit your business?

Webinars are small seminars on the screen. They keep your participants' undivided attention on your presentation for tens of minutes. Free webinars are therefore often used for marketing purposes. You explain the solution to a problem in detail to interested parties with a specific product or service and offer it for purchase at the end of the webinar.

Since such an online seminar gives you the opportunity to explain this product in detail, show it and demonstrate how to use it, webinars have a very high conversion rate (=conversion rate from prospect to buyer).

Automated webinars also eliminate the biggest disadvantage of sales events: you don't always have to sacrifice your time live. Instead, you record your webinar once and let a special programme play it back again and again in an automated way. For the participants, it is as if you were taking part in a webinar. This makes even sales events almost infinitely scalable, increasing your return on investment.

Our webinar marketing packages include generating registrations for your webinars, helping you to deliver an exciting webinar and creating a sales-optimised landing page for you.

What is behind successful webinar marketing?

In the video we show you:

  • How we attract participants to your webinar.
  • How you need to set up the webinar.
  • How we manage to turn your participants into customers.

3 key factors for successful webinar marketing

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1. the right target group as participants

The participants in the webinar must belong to your target group. This is the most important success factor in every sale. In webinar marketing, this usually means that the participants should have the same problem that you solve in the webinar.

To ensure that participants belong to your target group, you need to target the advertising for registration. The easiest way to do this is usually with social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.


2. dramaturgy

In order for people to really pay attention to you on the screen for 30, 40 or even 50 minutes, you have to pay attention to the dramaturgy (=tension arc) of your webinar. As soon as your participants start to get bored, they will quickly leave again.

Professionals therefore rely on classical elements that build up tension in a lecture.


3. do not sell too early

In a successful webinar, the art is to sell without selling. That means: solve the participants' problems first, really try to help and give valuable tips and tricks.

Refrain from selling your products right from the start. First of all, you have to earn the trust of your listeners before you start with classic advertising messages.

5 steps to successful webinar marketing


Step #1: Free initial consultation at our klickbeben web agency

During a free initial consultation, we will determine whether a webinar is a sensible online marketing measure for your product or service. We will also answer any questions you may have about webinar marketing and your klickbeben agency.

Of course, we are happy to give you the opportunity to get to know your klickbeben team. This way you can get a first impression of us without any obligation, while we are already looking for the best ways to bring you more customers.


Step #2: Quote to create your webinar marketing campaign

You will receive a detailed offer. We explain the individual points to you and make sure that they meet your requirements.


Step #3: We create advertising material, webinar script and landing page

Once you have accepted the offer, we start creating the promotional videos, webinar script and landing page. Before your campaigns start, you will receive everything for review and approval.


Step #4: You hold the webinar and record it

Since no one explains your product as well as you or your employees do, you should also be in front of the camera during the webinar. While you give the talk, record yourself directly. Once a good recording is in the proverbial box, we upload it to the server.

Note: If you do not want to speak the webinar yourself, we will also make a recording for you.


Step #5: Launch webinar and optimise campaigns

As soon as the webinar is ready, the advertising can start to get the first participants to register. From now on, we closely monitor how well the advertising and the sales completion rate of the webinar itself work. If necessary, we make changes.

The following measures can additionally increase your success:

FAQ-Frequently asked questions about webinar marketing

How much does webinar marketing from klickbeben cost?

non-binding price quotation webinar marketing package: approx. 7,814 € net (may vary from klickbeben location to klickbeben location)

Included in the price:

  • Concept for your webinar campaign
  • Creating the digital advertising material (videos, subjects)
  • Writing a webinar script
  • Setup of the webinar software including reminder emails
  • Create the landing page
  • Placement and optimisation of the campaign

Why should you hire an agency to create webinars?

It pays to hire a professional agency for webinar marketing. Web agencies like klickbeben know what to look out for and thus avoid mistakes like:

  • Start advertising too early in the webinar, mention the product excessively often or promote too many products at once
  • Offer boring sequences with too flat an arc of tension and provide no real added value through the webinar content
  • Arouse the wrong expectations in the target group by using the wrong promotional videos or advertising material.
  • No reminder emails
  • No clear instructions on when and how users should log in
  • Poor sound quality during the recording of the webinars
  • Do not set confidence-building measures

When will you feel the first results?

You will notice the first results of webinar marketing as soon as the first participants have attended the webinar. This is usually the case after a few days.

For which companies is webinar marketing useful?

Webinar marketing is useful for all companies that want to market products and services that require explanation.

How much click budget do I have to plan for the accompanying campaigns?

In the beginning, we recommend a click budget of at least 1,000 euros per month. This is ideal to collect the minimum amount of data at the beginning and thus improve the ads so that they run profitably as quickly as possible.

As soon as sufficient data is available, we usually manage to lower the costs per conversion (=inquiry, booking or sale) more and more. It may therefore make sense for you to no longer limit the budget - after all, your income from advertising should be higher than your expenses.

Are all work steps done in-house at klickbeben or are they partly outsourced?

We do everything in-house. Our team consists only of online marketing professionals who have been trained directly by us in our areas of expertise. The expertise for the training was gathered by klickbeben founder, Manuel Diwosch, as a lecturer in digital marketing. He taught, gave guest lectures and wrote scripts in online marketing for the FH-Kufstein, the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), the TH-Rosenheim, the FH Wien and the University of Innsbruck.