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You want your website to be found by potential customers? You want your website to be in one of the first places in the Google ranking? Then you need a website optimised for the search engine.

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Professional analysis, clear instructions for action, measurable results

What is SEO (search engine optimisation) and what does it bring to your business?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation. It is divided into two sub-areas - onsite and offsite SEO. Onsite search engine optimisation refers to all structural, content-related and technical measures that you can implement directly on your website. Offsite SEO refers to marketing measures away from your own website - specifically the building of backlinks.

The aim of these measures is to bring your website to the top organic positions of the Google search results page under relevant search terms (so-called keywords). By relevant search terms, we mean those that really bring you new customers and thus more sales. The organic hits of the Google search results are those that are below the first four and above the bottom three paid ads.

If we succeed in placing your website on Google under those keywords that contain a purchase, booking or order intention, you will sustainably generate more new customers and thus more turnover via your website.

What is behind successful SEO?

In the video we show you:

  • How you can reach your target group better thanks to SEO.
  • How SEO and its two sub-disciplines work.
  • How to judge the success of SEO.

3 key factors for successful SEO

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1. comprehensive analysis & well thought-out concept

The complete Google algorithm is one of the best-kept secrets of the information society. SEOs (as search engine optimisation professionals are called) know about 200 ranking factors that are taken into account. In order not to "worsen" the visibility situation of your website with indiscriminate actions, a comprehensive analysis is required.

The structure, the content, the technology and the link profile (= sum of all backlinks to your page) must be scrutinised. This analysis is supplemented with target group data from your company and an evaluation according to marketing aspects.

We call this analysis SEO audit and it can be compared to an anamnesis at the doctor. Only through a comprehensive examination can we develop comprehensible instructions for action and implement them later.


2. correct structure in the implementation

Those who simply start at the most convenient of all points can, in the worst case, achieve the opposite of the desired optimisation of visibility. Often it depends on the right sequence of measures. For example: link building is of little use if you have not published any content that is relevant to your target group. Without first creating the necessary structural, content-related and technical basis, you should not start with offsite measures.

The action instructions in the SEO audit are already correctly structured for you to implement.


3. measure and interpret success correctly

We do not define success in SEO in terms of more rankings under several keywords measured in any tool. The professional tools are important, but you have to be able to interpret the numbers correctly.

For example, it does you little good for your new customer business if your New Year's greeting blog post is ranked number 1 on Google under the search term "Happy New Year". Rather, it is about reaching the relevant search intentions and bringing you real added value in the form of new customers and sales. That's what you should measure and that's what you should aim for.

5 steps to successful SEO:
From SEO audit to measurable improvements



Step #1: Free initial consultation

During a free and non-binding initial consultation, we will explain our approach and what you can expect from us. We will answer all your questions about SEO and show you examples from our portfolio.

Of course, you will also have the opportunity to get to know our web agency team and your contact persons at klickbeben.


Step #2: SEO Audit - in-depth analysis of your site

We carry out an in-depth analysis. In doing so, we take into account SEO aspects directly on and off your site (onsite and offsite aspects). To do this, we draw on our knowledge, experience and various analysis tools.

We carry out a competitor analysis and a market potential analysis (with keyword analysis). We check under which search intentions it makes sense for you to appear on one of the top places of the search results.


Step #3: Results and recommendations for action

We present the results of our SEO audit to you. We explain where there is a need for action and what the necessary action steps are.


Step #4: Implementation

We implement the recommendations for action or, if desired, accompany your existing agency in the necessary steps.

In doing so, we clarify all content-related, structural and technical measures for optimisation with them. Finally, we review the implementation and check whether these have been carried out completely and correctly.


Step #5: Measure and further optimise

We measure the success of our measures and present you with results, as well as other opportunities to generate even more new customer business through your website.

The following measures can additionally increase your success:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about SEO to our SEO agency


Why should you leave search engine optimisation to a professional SEO agency?

Hiring an agency for SEO can save you from making momentous mistakes:

There are numerous tips and tricks on the internet, thanks to which you could theoretically also do SEO on your own. However, many of them are outdated tricks and are now penalised by Google. When this happens, Google may no longer show your page at all. You then have to painstakingly get rid of this penalty.

In addition, the professional agency has experience and tools to test the actual page quality. Without these, there is often a misjudgement of one's own page quality (in terms of content and technology). As a result, the wrong (and usually too few) measures are derived.

There are more than 200 Google ranking factors - and therefore more than 200 ways to make mistakes in optimisation. A professional SEO agency like klickbeben knows these ranking factors and constantly monitors market changes.

How much does SEO from klickbeben cost?

non-binding price quote: approx. 4,999 euros net (may vary from klickbeben site to klickbeben site).
(depending on the size and complexity of the website).

The effort required for implementation varies from person to person. If many things have already been implemented very well, fewer measures need to be taken than if your website has many serious errors.

How long does it take for SEO to take effect?

SEO measures do not take effect immediately. From "feeling" on a turnover level, you can assume an average of 3-6 months. In this period, you should definitely be able to see whether the measures are going in the right direction.

Does a webshop also need SEO?

SEO gets more customers to visit a website. This also applies to web shops. The better it is optimised, the better your shop performs in the Google ranking. This in turn brings more potential buyers to your shop and your sales figures increase.

What is the difference between SEO and SEA?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, SEA for search engine advertising (Google Ads). Both aim to attract more potential customers to your website.


SEO is about improving the organic ranking on search engine pages. Organic search results are those hits between the paid ads at the top and the bottom. For each search entry, 10 organic hits are displayed per search results page.

The aim of your SEO measures is to land as far in front as organically possible for relevant search queries.


SEA refers to paid search engine advertising. If a customer clicks on your ad, you pay advertising costs.

Up to four advertised hits are still displayed above the organic results, and up to three more below. Since you pay for the display of the advertisements under certain keywords, they also take effect immediately.

SEA advertising therefore works immediately, whereas you have to work for SEO success first. On the other hand, clicks on organic hits (SEO) do not cost any money later. Ideally, you as a company should use both online marketing measures.

What is the difference between 300-euro providers and your agency?

This question can be answered relatively simply with a look at the market: The most successful online shops and websites do not rely on 300 euro providers. They often spend 6- or even 7-figure sums per year on SEO. If it were easy to overtake them with a 300-euro provider, then many would do it.

Incidentally, these mails offering such things are already known as spam mails and many are warned against on serious information sites.

The fraud is immediately recognisable: you only have to compare it with your own business: How much do you charge your clientele per hour? How much work can you do for 300 euros if, for example, you have to renovate a bathroom or replace a gearbox on your car, etc.? A bathroom renovation for 300 euros would be just as unreliable as SEO for 300 euros.

As a rule, such spam mail senders only collect the money and then do nothing. So you should not expect that for such an amount they will work 50, 100 or more hours on optimising your site, as would be the case with a reputable agency.