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You want to be found better on Google tomorrow? Do you want more enquiries, purchases or bookings? With Google Ads, this is possible for just a few euros per click.

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Be found better in Google Search with Google Ads

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What is search engine advertising with Google Ads and what does it do for your business?

Google Ads enables ad placement in the Google search engine, on Youtube and on many websites that embed Google advertising space. The system is a simple auction system: several advertisers bid for ad space on Google search results pages under certain search terms.

If you are one of the best bidders with a high Google quality factor, you will be at the top of the Google search results.

The biggest advantage is that you can reach people who are looking for your products or services right now. This means that they want to enquire, book, buy,...

If you focus on the right keywords in Google Ads, create "crisp" ads and offer compelling content on your website, you can make good profits for your business.

What is behind successful Google Ads?

In the video we show you:

  • How we determine lucrative keywords.
  • How we keep the click price as low as possible for you.
  • How we measure success and optimise campaigns.

3 key factors for successful Google Ads

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1. strategy with response scenarios

If you simply book in keywords and run advertising campaigns according to your feeling, you may be lucky. However, this is very rarely the case. It is more promising to use an optimisable strategy consisting of several campaigns with reaction scenarios.

This means: you plan exactly what you advertise on. You measure from the first impression to the enquiry, booking or purchase. And you know how to interpret the figures to achieve more and more sales for the same budget. This is how you gradually ensure profits for your company.


2. secure top positions

Google wants to see the best ads at the top, not the most expensive ones. Because Google has understood that only good results are often clicked and bad ones are hidden by the human mind.

Therefore, the ad positions are not awarded according to the best bidder principle. A quality factor consisting of 3 factors is included: 1. relevance of the ad to the keyword, 2. click-through rate and 3. the quality of your landing page.

The best position at the top is given to the advertiser who achieves the most ad rank points. These are calculated as follows: Ad rank points = Max. Click Price*Quality Factor.

For example, if you have achieved a quality factor of 10, your Google Ad will appear before other advertisers with a quality factor of 3, even if they are willing to pay many times your price.


3. ensure low click prices

Google rewards well-designed ads and landing pages with lower click prices in the auction process. Thus, someone with high-quality work can pay significantly less per click than others under the same keyword.

The key to this is again the quality factor. The click price is determined as follows: Click price = Max. click price offered (by the nearest competitor)/own quality factor + 1 cent.

This means: You can pay less and still be at the top. This allows you to facilitate high corporate profits.

Google Ads Agency:
In 5 steps to successful Google advertising


Step #1: Free initial consultation

During a free and non-binding initial consultation, we take a look at your target page. This allows us to tell you whether there is still a need for optimisation. We will answer all your questions about Google Ads and show you examples from our portfolio.

Of course, you will also have the opportunity to get to know our team and your contact persons at klickbeben.


Step #2: We conduct a keyword research

We carry out a detailed keyword research and pick out those search terms that are entered by interested parties who are willing to pay.

We discuss the results with you before planning our advertising strategy.


Step #3: We create & place the ads

Our experienced Google Ads managers create and place your ads. The goal of advertising is to reach your target group, bring them to your website and turn them into paying customers as often as possible.


Step #4: Controlling, controlling, controlling

It is important for you to understand that controlling does not come from control, but from "to control". Now it is our job to control your Google Ads so that they bring more than they cost you.

To do this, we have set up detailed measurement methods and defined response scenarios in our strategy.


Step #5: Final report

Our Google Ads package runs for three months. During this time, your klickbeben Ads Manager regularly checks the success of the ads. After three months, you will receive a final report with an outlook on how your Google Ads can continue to bring more customers - and thus more sales.

The following measures can additionally increase your success:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our Google Ads agency

What is the difference between SEO and SEA?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, SEA for search engine advertising (Google Ads). Both aim to attract more potential customers to your website.


SEO is about improving the organic ranking on search engine pages. Organic search results are those hits between the paid ads at the top and the bottom. For each search entry, 10 organic hits are displayed per search results page.

The aim of your SEO measures is to land as far in front as organically possible for relevant search queries.


SEA refers to paid search engine advertising. If a customer clicks on your ad, you pay advertising costs.

Up to four advertised hits are still displayed above the organic results, and up to three more below. Since you pay for the display of the advertisements under certain keywords, they also take effect immediately.

SEA advertising therefore works immediately, whereas you have to work for SEO success first. On the other hand, clicks on organic hits (SEO) do not cost any money later. Ideally, you as a company should use both online marketing measures.

How much does the three-month Google Ads package from klickbeben cost?

non-binding price quote Google Ads package: approx. 3,270 € net (for three months). (may vary from klickbeben site to klickbeben site).


  • Analysis of the target pages
  • Google Ads strategy for your business
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign optimisation
  • regular controlling
  • Final report

The click costs are charged directly to you by Google.

How much click budget do you need to plan for?

In the beginning, we recommend a click budget of at least 1,000 euros per month. This is ideal to collect the minimum amount of data at the beginning and thus improve the ads so that they run profitably as quickly as possible.

As soon as sufficient data is available, we usually manage to lower the costs per conversion (=inquiry, booking or sale) more and more. It may therefore make sense for you to no longer limit the budget - after all, your income from advertising should be higher than your expenses.

What is the quality factor and how is it calculated?

The quality factor (QF) helps determine how much you pay per click and on which position your ad is displayed (ideally on page one, as the first ad below the search bar).

Google calculates the quality factor based on three factors:

  • the relevance of the ad to the keyword
  • the click rate of the ad
  • the quality of the target page

How are the ranking of your ad and the actual click price calculated?

As mentioned in the previous question, quality factor (QF) and maximum click price (max. CPC) play a role in this.

These two are multiplied. This gives you the so-called ad rank points (QF*max. CPC=ad rank points). The higher this number, the further "up" your ad will be played.

A calculation example:

  • Company A is willing to pay 3 euros per click. For the ad, it achieves a quality factor of 10. It thus achieves 30 ad rank points.
  • Company B is willing to pay 6 euros. But it only achieves a quality factor of 3. It achieves 18 ad rank points.

Even though Company B would pay Google twice as much for the click, Company A will rank ahead of Company B.

How much does company A now pay if company B is the second best bidder?

To do this, the ad rank points of company B are divided by the quality factor of company A and one cent is added to the result. This means for this concrete example:

18/10+0,01 = 1,81 Euro

Company A thus pays only 1.81 euros and their ad appears before company B, which would be willing to pay many times that amount for the click.

What is the difference between search, display, shopping, app and video ads?

You can create all these types of campaigns on Google Ads. The difference is where the ads are played.

  • Search ads: Played out on the Google search results pages. These are text-only ads.
  • Shopping ads: These are displayed on the Google search results pages, usually above the search ads. They are text-image ads.
  • Display ads: Display ads are played on websites and in apps in the form of so-called advertising banners. They usually consist of text and images or even videos.
  • App campaigns: These are played out in apps - they usually consist of animated images or short videos.
  • Video ads: Played out on Youtube and other websites. These are videos that can be accompanied by advertising banners.