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You want to be perceived as an expert? You want to strengthen trust in your brand and boost sales or enquiries? The right content (texts, images, videos) makes it possible.

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What is content marketing and what does it bring to your business?

Content marketing refers to the creation and distribution of content on the internet. This content can consist of texts, pictures, videos and audio files. If you adapt your content to the needs of your potential prospects, you will gain their trust and thus increase your enquiries, sales or bookings.

In order for this effect to really occur, the content must also be distributed correctly, i.e. "marketed". We are talking about the right content being played out to the right people at the right time. This is how you achieve your goals (usually sales, bookings or enquiries) on the internet. All these steps together are then called content marketing.

As a klickbeben web agency, we have developed a content marketing strategy that leads to success in 99 percent of all cases. For us, success means that our measures bring you more revenue than you spend on content marketing.

What is behind successful content marketing?

In the video we show you:

  • How we attract your target group to your site with content.
  • How we make you THE expert in your industry.
  • How we manage to bring more than we cost.

3 key factors for successful content marketing

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1. speak the language of the target group

If someone understands something well, they buy it more often. This has been scientifically proven. Therefore, you should avoid complicated technical terms and instead address your target group with understandable explanations.

This gives you content that convinces your target group of your expertise and of your product.


2. provide solutions & answers

Your potential customers always ask the same questions before they buy. It doesn't matter whether they come to your shop, call you on the phone or surf the Internet. In a personal sales talk, you can certainly convince these prospects by explaining things in a logical and comprehensible way. This way, the prospect gains trust and buys from your company.

If you solve the same questions with the same valid arguments with your content on the Internet, then the potential interested party will build up trust with the author in a similar way. He will then contact you and ask for an offer.


3. reach interested parties in the right situation

Never before have you been able to reach your potential customers in such a targeted way. A brief explanation using the example of a plumbing company: Thanks to Google, Facebook & Co. you can reach people who are currently renovating their bathroom exactly when they are looking for suppliers. And the best thing is: you can even control it properly.

If someone searches for "senior-friendly bathroom furnishings" on Google, you know that they are reading up on the topic right now. You can now reach him with your content. In the days that follow, you can continue to "address" him again and again with targeted follow-up messages via several channels on the Internet.

Five steps to successful content marketing with klickbeben


Step #1: Free initial consultation at our klickbeben content marketing agency

We will determine your needs during a free initial consultation:

  • What do you need the right content for?
  • How can the right content help you bring in more sales?
  • Which content has worked well so far? Where is there potential for improvement?

Of course, we are happy to give you the opportunity to get to know your klickbeben team. This way you can get a first impression of us without any obligation, while we are already looking for the best ways to bring you more clicks and more customers.


Step #2: Detailed offer for the creation of your content

In a second step, you will receive an offer from us. We explain the individual points to you in detail and make sure that they correspond to your wishes.


Step #3: Concept and content

We create a concept in which we list, among other things, the topics that have been proven to interest your target group (based on a data analysis at your company and on the Internet). Based on this, we conduct content interviews with you and produce the content.


Step #4 Content marketing

We publish the content in those places on the internet where we reach your target group.

In this way, we attract potential interested parties to your website. In this way, they build trust in your company and, in the best case, become loyal customers.


Step #5: Data analysis & optimisation

While we do the content marketing for you, we constantly measure and analyse the success of the measures. In this way, we succeed in hitting the nerve of your target group better and better and increasing the success for you.

The following measures can additionally increase your success:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about content marketing

Why should you rely on a professional content marketing agency?

Write a few texts, create videos and promote them - anyone can do that? For content marketing to really work, you need to invest a lot of time in creating the content.

Many laypeople make these mistakes:

  • Too thin content: You don't want to reveal too much? You are afraid that your competitors will "steal" your know-how? We can take this worry away from you: If a competitor does not know the services and products of your industry, he is probably not a competitor to be taken seriously.
  • Publishing too infrequently: For your content marketing to be truly successful, you need to write posts regularly. We have found that ten in-depth posts per month is a good number. If you don't have enough time for this, you should rather rely on a professional content marketing agency.
  • The wrong language: You will only be taken seriously by your competitors if you use technical language? Content marketing is not about impressing your competition with your knowledge. It's about your potential customers. Therefore, you should also speak their language. On the one hand, this means that you avoid using complicated technical language. On the other hand, that you choose topics that really interest your target group (=no "shop talk").
  • Choosing topics "from the gut": Professional content marketing agencies research what your target group is really looking for. They look for questions that are frequently asked in relevant social media channels of your company or those of your competitors. They analyse which questions are frequently asked via email or on the phone by potential prospects. These topics are collected and catalogued. This is time-consuming, but the analysis is worth it: only if the target group is really interested in your topics will they interact with the content.
  • No editorial plan: Just write away? That usually goes well for three weeks. Then suddenly the topics run out or other items on the to-do list push writing into the background.

By leaving the content writing to a content marketing agency, you don't have to worry about these mistakes. The agency is like a small external editorial team for you, which can fully concentrate on your content marketing.

How much does content marketing from klickbeben cost?

Before we can start your content marketing, we need to do all the above analysis about your target audience. We need to get to know and understand your products and services. We put all this together in a concept. This concept is practically your "content marketing battle plan".

non-binding price quotation concept: from € 2,898 net (may vary from klickbeben location to klickbeben location)

The content marketing concept contains

  • a detailed description of the objectives,
  • an analysis of the target group,
  • an analysis of which content works well with the target group
  • a competitor analysis
  • Collecting the topics and creating the editorial plan
  • A plan for how the content will be distributed and promoted on the web.
  • a behavioural advertising strategy

Non-binding price quote for ongoing content marketing (content creation, promotion and monitoring): from € 2,397 net per month in an annual package (may vary from klickbeben site to klickbeben site).

The annual package contains:

  • 6 lead posts per month (serve to achieve your goals, meet the needs of your target group)
  • 4 trust posts per month (serve to build trust and show the authenticity and humanity of your company)
  • Creation of 10 subjects for various social media channels
  • Creation of videos for different channels
  • Carrying out the posting on the blog and on the social media channels relevant to your target group
  • Promote the lead posts in the social networks defined in the concept (click costs are charged directly to the network).
  • Measurement, analysis and ongoing optimisation of content marketing

When can I expect the first results?

The klickbeben content marketing strategy is not a short-term quick fix. The goal is to achieve great reach in your target group in the medium term and sustainably, and to turn them into buyers. Until, on the one hand, enough content has been produced and published and, on the other hand, this content has been well positioned and staged with a high reach, there will be more costs than income from content marketing for a few months.

As a rule, after 9 months of our strategy, the "break even" is reached and the income starts to exceed your expenses more and more.


How do I know how much content marketing really brings?

We install a measurement and create an evaluation based on it. This way you know exactly what your new website and the reach through your content marketing actually brings you in euros.
We don't measure clicks, likes or page views, from which you can't pay rent. What really counts are enquiries, bookings or sales.

Does content marketing by klickbeben bring long-term benefits?

Our agency's content marketing is based on a strategy that brings you more in the long term. Topics, questions and problems that occupy your target group today will also interest potential customers in the future.

Content created today will still be found by your target group weeks, months and even years from now and can therefore attract new customers again and again.

Is everything done in-house at klickbeben or are services outsourced?

We do everything in-house. Our team consists only of online marketing professionals who have been trained directly by us in our areas of expertise. The expertise for the training was gathered by klickbeben founder, Manuel Diwosch, as a lecturer in digital marketing. He taught, gave guest lectures and wrote scripts in online marketing for the FH-Kufstein, the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), the TH-Rosenheim, the FH Wien and the University of Innsbruck.