Online marketing agency: We win customers for you on the internet

You want to win more customers through digital marketing? You want to rely on marketing measures whose success you can measure in terms of sales? Online marketing can do all that.

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Increase visibility across the internet

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Reaching the target group in the right place at the right time

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Marketing success you can measure in euros

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Scalable measures with manageable risk

Our online marketing offer at a glance

Through SEO (search engine optimisation), your website is optimised so that it appears as far ahead as possible in Google searches for relevant queries.

Google Ads is the name of Google's advertising network. It allows you to advertise directly in the search engine.

Through social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you reach your target group on the social network.

Through appealing texts, images and videos, you magically attract prospective customers and turn them into buyers.

With automated email marketing, you stay in the minds of recipients, create informative added value and generate sales.

Thanks to webinar marketing, you can sell products and services online with a lot of explanation.

Thanks to Local SEO, you can rank in the top 3 eye-catching local search results on Google.

You want a website that not only looks nice, but actively brings customers and is also found?

Do you want your new webshop to boost sales? Or do you want to optimise your existing webshop and increase sales?

How successful online marketingworks

We track down your target group on the internet
We analyse on which online marketing channels we can reach as many potential customers as possible for you.

We attract your target group to your website
We research what content will resonate best with your target group and how you can best convert them into customers.

Convince through communication techniques
With scientifically proven communication techniques, we can turn more site visitors into customers.

With your klickbeben agency in 4 steps to successful online marketing


Step #1:Free initial consultation

During a free initial consultation, we determine which online marketing measure makes sense for you. We will also answer any questions you may have about your klickbeben agency.

Of course, we will also give you the opportunity to get to know your klickbeben team. This way you can get a first impression of us without any obligation, while we are already looking for the best ways to bring you more customers.


Step #2: Detailed offer

We will send you a detailed offer. We explain the individual points to you and make sure that they correspond to your wishes.


Step #3: Implement the online marketing measure

As soon as you have accepted the offer, we start with the implementation.


Step #4: Measure success and optimise if necessary

The best thing about online marketing: you can measure down to the euro whether it actually brings you more than it costs. If we find that your online marketing is not delivering the expected success, we will make adjustments and optimisations.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about online marketing from our agency

Why is online marketing important for every company?

Good internet marketing is worthwhile for (almost) every company. On the one hand, because just about every target group is online. In German-speaking countries, 100% of 16 to 44 year-olds use the internet, and there is also an increase in internet use among age groups over 69 - it is currently around 70%.

On the Internet, you can control very precisely who sees your advertising, when it is played and where it appears. At the end of the day, you can calculate to the euro exactly how much the marketing measures on the Internet have brought you.

Sources: Statista, WKO

Can I advertise on the Internet without my own website?

Theoretically, you do not have to create your own website to advertise on the internet. However, we advise you against this. Because only on your own website do you have full control over design, content and data. Without your own website, you are always dependent on others.

How much does online marketing from klickbeben cost?

The price depends on the online marketing measures. Here is a brief overview:


from € 4,999 net for the SEO audit (depending on the size and complexity of the website).

The effort of implementation depends on the "construction sites".

Local SEO

from € 2,490 net per location.

Google Ads

from € 3,270 net (price for three months)

Social media marketing - single sales campaign:

from € 4,999 net

Social Media & Content Marketing Annual Packages
Annual package "Gold" (4 lead contributions, 4 trust contributions) from 1.897 € net per month
Platinum" annual package (6 lead contributions, 4 trust contributions) from € 2,397 net per month
Concept: from € 2,898 net one-time fee

Newlsetter sales series:

from € 4,990 net

Newsletter package to accompany content marketing:

from € 5,990 net per year

Webinar Marketing

from € 7,814 net

Does it make sense to combine several online marketing tools?

Yes, it's worth it for two reasons in particular:

  1. You reach your target group on different channels: As a rule, the target group is not only on one online marketing channel. You can therefore reach as many potential customers as possible by combining social media marketing, email marketing and Google Ads, for example.
  2. You can reach your target group at different points of the customer journey: Through blog posts(content marketing), for example, you can pick up your target group at the beginning of the customer journey. At this point, they are looking for solutions or answers. By answering these solutions and answers in your posts, you will be perceived as a trusted expert in your industry. Having reached the end of the Customer Journey, your target group wants to buy a specific product. Through marketing tools such as Google Ads, you will bring your target audience to your website when they search for "buy product name".

Is everything done in-house at klickbeben or are services outsourced?

We do everything in-house. Our team consists only of online marketing professionals who have been trained directly by us in our areas of expertise. The expertise for the training was gathered by klickbeben founder, Manuel Diwosch, as a lecturer in digital marketing. He taught, gave guest lectures and wrote scripts in online marketing for the FH-Kufstein, the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), the TH-Rosenheim, the FH Wien and the University of Innsbruck.

How do I know if online marketing is really making a difference?

We install tracking tools for all our clients. So you can see at a glance how much our online marketing measures have brought you.

What our clients say about the cooperation with the agency klickbeben

The klickbeben agency successfully designed and managed the relaunch of our olina franchise group's website. Afterwards, the klickbeben agency also took over our Google Ads campaigns, as well as our content and social media marketing. Our group has since gained significant visibility and our franchisees enjoy increased enquiries.

Karl Rinner

Project management, olina kitchens

This strategy works. Since I focus on convincing content, SEO and SEA, I also get customer enquiries via the website. Great and many thanks!

Richard Schranz

Managing Director, Rys IT Consulting GmbH

Unfortunately, we were unable to generate a single enquiry via our previous website. With the help of the klickbeben agency, we were able to change this in a flash. Today, we finally receive numerous and concrete enquiries.

Anette Egger

Managing Director, Egger Feel Good Climate

I have had experiences with online agencies before, but I am happy to say that they are history. Numerous euros were invested in Google advertising, but they didn't get us any further. The klickbeben agency has proven to me that online marketing can be done differently. Our booking rates have gone up vertically and now bring us several 1,000 € per day.

Dr Daniel Pehböck

Managing Director, simulationcenters

The klickbeben agency has been commissioned by me several times as a content expert for online and offline projects. The content is now target group oriented, clear and appealing. And all this in the shortest possible time. Working with Highly recommended. I will be happy to turn to klickbeben again for the next event.

Esther Jennings

Managing Director, Euregio Inntal

I've already spent a lot of money on marketing with my company, but it's only since we commissioned the klickbeben agency that it's finally really paying off. We receive targeted enquiries via the internet and are able to close regularly. Thank you very much!

Andreas Tschigg

Managing Director, formikon GmbH