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You want to build up your own agency with employees? Profit now from our successful model and become a klickbeben partner.


Dreaming of building your own agency with staff and taking your career from "independent lone wolf" or marketing employee to the next level?

We founded the klickbeben franchise system precisely for you. We know what we are talking about. As a role model, we ourselves have built up an agency in Innsbruck with 10 full-time professionals. We will show you the operating results we have achieved, how much turnover and profit we have made, 100% transparently in a personal meeting.

We have completely processualised and modelled this agency project of the internet agency in Innsbruck. This gives you a 1:1 blueprint of how to proceed as a franchise partner in order to build up an agency with the same system within a few years. Of course, this is no guarantee for your success. But thanks to our training programme, you will get everything you need in terms of tools.

In addition, you will receive a lot of software (from project management to invoicing software, SEO tools and much more), online and offline training in online marketing and as an entrepreneur, training for your employees through our targeted training system, much, much more.

How you benefit from the klickbeben franchise headquarters

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Strong brand, strong marketing

As a klickbeben partner, your marketing comes directly from the head office. You don't have to do any online marketing for yourself. The effective strategies bring you direct customer enquiries. And we forward these leads directly to the next klickbeben partner on site.

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Strong IT, strong nerves

As a klickbeben partner, you don't have to worry about the systems. The head office makes sure that everything works: From CRM, to project management, to setting up the network/cloud and much more.

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Strong system, strong results

Online marketing must bring more than it costs. With the klickbeben system behind the precisely developed service products, you create true added value for your customers and secure many recommendations and repeat orders.

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Strong strategy, strong profits

As a klickbeben agency, you benefit directly from the existing business model. Plan your success and profit with it.


Brings clicks, brings customers


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Monday to Friday: 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00

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